Monday, August 16, 2010

Merry Mary…..

We would like you to meet another one of our own – as in one of the High Cotton Gals.

Mary Gregoryme cropped
Mary’s curiosity and love of learning has led her down many creative paths. From pottery to painting to jewelry making, the possibilities are endless and endlessly exciting.
Previously, Mary has sold her hand painted goods at markets in Dallas and Atlanta and had contracts with companies such as Neiman Marcus and Better Homes and Gardens.
Mary’s current passion is oil painting. She paints all the time whether or not a brush is in her hand, taking great delight in the natural world – from a butterfly wing to a vast landscape and everything in between. Painting or sculpting, even in her mind, is a way of interacting with these things and their Creator. She is represented by River Oaks Gallery in Abilene, Texas, and The William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Mary lives in the country with her high school-sweetheart-husband, two dogs, two cats, nine chickens and three cows. They have two lovely daughters and two wonderful sons-in-law.

She will be teaching-
Polymer clay is long as it doesn’t LOOK like polymer clay! In this class, you will learn how to apply texture and finishes to this synthetic product to make it look more natural. Clay is an excellent way to add dimension to collages and assemblages and the principles you learn in this class can be applied in almost any way you can dream up. Using clay and natural elements, you will complete from one to three projects in the class, depending on how quickly you work:
1} Glass vase embellished with clay tiles and twine
2} Bird pendant with lamp-work glass bead
3} “Rock of Ages”
All supplies are provided and there will be plenty for you to choose from so that your projects reflect your own personal style.

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