Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Town Girl…

Let us introduce you to one of our own…

Nancy Davis


Nancy is a mixed media artist who finds joy in being referred to as quirky. “One who is not conforming to an ordinary pattern and strikingly unconventional.” Her attention to detail and unusual element of taste allow her to see through a different eye to find value in otherwise discarded items.

Growing up in Abilene was a blessing to Nancy. Her backyard was along the banks of Cedar Creek. God’s handiwork was all around her as she picked up leaves, rocks and sticks for her own little art projects. Her mother would often find these bits of nature stuffed in her dresser drawers. It wasn’t until Nancy turned 50 that she realized how much of an influence being a pack-rat would impact her future path in life. All that she had been moving toward as an artist started coming together. She allowed herself to listen to her inner voice that was urging her to just be herself and follow her heart.

She now spends her time repurposing and designing new creations from what most would call junk. She is one of the top producers in the Antique Company Mall located in the historic downtown of McKinney, Texas.

Nancy lives in Frisco, Texas with her dear hubby, John. Almost thirty years ago on their honeymoon, John, had to be persuaded to get out of the car to go in the antique stores. Now in his spare time he is willing to join Nancy in her quest for hidden treasures. He is a skilled carpenter and is a great helper. They have three grown children, a sweet daughter-n-law and two perfect grandsons.

More information can be found on her blog:

Her mantra in life:

“Let what you love be what you do.”


She will be teaching

Every Birdie Welcome!


Join in on the funkiness of transforming found objects from the past into an art piece for today.

Mix architectural elements, an array of vintage papers and old tart tins to elevate them to a new life

every birdie would love.

The project is a multi-step process where you will learn the best tried and true methods for assemblage.

So, bring your quirkiness and get ready to create!

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