Friday, August 6, 2010

Let us tell you a little story...

 ...about how High Cotton Art Camp came to be. We, Roxanne, Molly and Mary, creative girls and fun-loving souls, each had a desire to share our creative experiences with other like-minded women. Especially women who had not been able, for whatever reason, to discover their inner artist. Once we put our heads together, for planning and prayer, things literally began falling into place. Our ideas jelled right away and it became apparent that this was an event that was, indeed, meant to take place.

It is our belief that we are created in the image of our heavenly Father and that our love of beauty and need for creativity comes from Him. It is our hearts' desire that those of you who attend HCAC will find fulfillment in the classes and events we have planned and that you will be blessed with fun, laughter, discovery, new friends...all the good things! And, that when you get home, the creativity and friendships will continue to fill your hearts with joy.

And so, here we are at the end of our little story, but we don't want to sign off with "The End" because we feel as if this is just the beginning!

Please stay tuned...registration coming soon!

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