Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Girl with Flair - Sherry Ratliff

Sherry Felts Ratliff is comparable to a sumptuous piece of dark chocolate - a little taste and you must have more! From the whimsical self-designed jewelry she wears around her neck, to her passion for designing and teaching others to create something glorious from little or nothing, she is positively irresistible! She explodes into a room with the exuberance of an excited child, full of colorful and creative fantasies! Her mind overflows with imaginative ideas for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Born and raised in Texas, Sherry’s flair for inventive and inspired design was exhibited early. For the past 28 years she has used her God-given talent for creativity in a variety of ways: designing and landscaping
flower beds for homes and businesses, decorating restaurants, designing building interiors, set design for T,V, shows, designing furniture for her clients, and creating her own unique jewelry. She has decorated the homes of friends and homes of the prestigious. She totally restored her own home, a Texas Historical Marker, built in 1876, which became her calling card in the late 90’s in Brownwood, TX.
Sherry is “like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season.” Her roots run deep in the rich soil of imagination, bringing forth the most delightful creations, whether it be in fashion, architecture, or artful design!
Sherry Felts Ratliff is the mother of five children, and the grandmother of four. She currently resides in Midland, TX.
Sherry will be sharing her imaginative ideas with us as we decorate cowboy boots – great for a special place in your home or maybe on your own two feet! Any cowboy would be proud of these extraordinary creations.

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