High Cotton Art Camp has gathered eight of the most creative women in Texas.Together they will share their love of art, whether it be cooking, painting, soldering or paper, it is sure to inspire us all to be the creative women we desire to be.

Let us introduce you to them.                                                

Judie Byrd
Judie  loves to teach people to cook! She is the founder of The Culinary School of Fort Worth and host of the award-winning program, “Judie Byrd's Kitchen”, which airs daily on FamilyNet and ALN cable television. She is the author of 5 books, serves as Food Editor for Fort Worth Magazine, and writes a monthly food column for HomeLife magazine.  Judie is a frequent guest on local and national TV and radio, and her tips and recipes have been featured in numerous publications, including Family Circle, Reader's Digest, Women's Day and Martha Stewart Living. A popular speaker at women’s events and food industry conventions, she serves as national spokesperson for Honeysuckle White and Shady Brook Farms Turkey. Judie studied cooking at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Le Cordon Bleu School of Cookery in London, as well as in the Orient, France, Belgium and Italy. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Judie lives with her husband, Bill, in Fort Worth, TX. They have 3 married children and 5 grandchildren - all of whom eat Sunday dinner at their home each week.

                       Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory’s curiosity and love of learning has led her down many creative paths. From pottery to painting to jewelry making, the possibilities are endless and endlessly exciting.
Previously, Mary has sold her hand painted goods at markets in Dallas and Atlanta and had contracts with companies such as Neiman Marcus and Better Homes and Gardens.
Mary’s current passion is oil painting. She paints all the time whether or not a brush is in her hand, taking great delight in the natural world – from a butterfly wing to a vast landscape and everything in between. Painting or sculpting, even in her mind, is a way of interacting with these things and their Creator. She is represented by River Oaks Gallery in Abilene, Texas, and The William and Joseph Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Mary lives in the country on 28 beautiful acres with her high school-sweetheart-husband, two dogs, two cats, nine chickens and three cows. They have two lovely daughters and two wonderful sons-in-law. Her cup runneth over.

Roxanne Spradlin

Artist ,Roxanne Spradlin, is a bit of a mess. When she was little she melted crayons on light bulbs and made lots of mud pies.Now as a grown-up girl she breaks dishes, draws on ceilings and paints on walls!
Inspired by creation,Roxanne is deeply moved by God's majesty as clearly displayed in nature. In the bloom of a rose,the architecture of a bird's nest and the develop of a butterfly, one can clearly see His invisible qualities- His eternal power and divine power and divine nature...(Romans1:18-20)God whispers His love through lavish beauty which is a favorite subject of this West Texas artist.
After 15 years of painting murals, domed ceilings and faux finishes in exquisite homes across the country. Roxanne has replaced scaffolding with an easel, where she enjoys painting with oils and acylics.With little training, she relies on God-given talent, divine inspiration and a 'eye'for beauty. At this time, her are is available exclusively at Red, in Fredricksburg,Texas. 
Roxanne earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Houston and is currently combining her love for creating with a passion to share by teaching beginning art classes to women in her community.The results have been fun and rewarding! Classes meet twice a month in her historic studio located in downtown Abilene.
Roxanne is married to high school boyfriend, Mike Spradlin, Head Football Coach/Athletic Coordinator at Abilene Cooper. They have three married children and 2 grandchildren. Both agree, life has never been sweeter!

Chantal Johnson

Chantal Johnson has been the recipient of God’s great love and has been given creativity as one of her many gifts.  She has a love for the Lord that permeates her life as well as her art.  Her heritage is one of Southern hospitality and European style but her heart is pure Texan!! Her home, as well as her art, resounds with sentiments from a joyful, grateful spirit to that of faith and hope mixed with a touch of wonder.  Her creative path began as a little girl with her mother introducing every form of creative arts from thread and fabric, yarn and hook to paper and paints. 

Chantal spent 12 years in the ministry with her husband where she taught women as well as children and teens.  Her love of teaching extends into the art arena as well.  She has written for several Christian publications and is currently a Women’s Bible Study teacher at  Lakepointe Church.  She loves all things that can inspire others to find joy in the everyday. 

Her many passions include gardening, interior decorating, cooking, swimming, sewing, paper arts and antiques. But being with her children, husband and family bring her the most joy.   Most days you will find her in her Art Studio that she and her husband designed.  It was completed last year along with the outdoor kitchen/living area and the one of a kind swimming pool.  

Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home and will be in the next issue of Haute Handbags.   Chantal resides in Rowlett, TX with her husband, Scott and her 3 children. 

Brandy Faulkner


Brandy is the owner and sole proprietor of Brandywine Designs.
 She is a  wife to a super supportive, goofy guy, mom to a unbelievably compassionate,
creative son, step mom to two boys, and a backyard farmer. Brandy has lived in Texas  
her whole life. Creating and designing is her passion and obsession. Brandy is a self
taught artist with a background in Environmental Science Technology.  Her style
and likes change daily but she thinks she will always love homemade, vintage style!

  Brandy has been blessed to have been published in these magazines:
Somerset Life Winter 2009
Winter Blogging Winter 2009
Somerset Life Spring 2008
Coming Soon Better Home and Gardens Halloween Issue 2010
 My motto is Make Everyday Magic!


Sherry Felts Ratliff is comparable to a sumptuous piece of dark chocolate-a little taste and you must have more! From the whimsical self-designed jewelry she wears around her neck, to her passion for designing and teaching others to create something glorious from little or nothing, she is positively irresistible! She explodes into a room with the exuberance of an excited child, full of colorful and creative fantasies!  Her mind overflows with imaginative ideas for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Born and raised in Texas, Sherry’s flair for inventive and inspired design was exhibited early. For the past 28 years she has used her God-given talent for creativity in a variety of ways:  designing and landscaping
flower beds for homes and businesses, decorating restaurants,  designing building interiors, set design for T,V, shows, designing furniture for her clients, and creating her own unique jewelry.  She has decorated the homes of friends and homes of the prestigious.  She totally restored her own home, a Texas Historical Marker, built in 1876, which became her calling card in the late 90’s in Brownwood, TX.  

Sherry is “like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season.”  Her roots run deep in the rich soil of imagination, bringing forth the most delightful creations, whether it be in fashion, architecture, or artful design!

Sherry Felts Ratliff is the mother of 5 children, and the grandmother of 4. She currently resides in Midland, TX.

 Nancy Davis
Nancy is a mixed media artist who finds joy in being referred to as quirky.  “One who is not conforming to an ordinary pattern and strikingly unconventional.” Her attention to detail and unusual element of taste allow her to see through a different eye to find value in otherwise discarded items.
Growing up in Abilene was a blessing to Nancy. Her backyard was along the banks of Cedar Creek. God’s handiwork was all around her as she picked up leaves, rocks and sticks for her own little art projects. Her mother would often find these bits of nature stuffed in her dresser drawers. It wasn’t until Nancy turned 50 that she realized how much of an influence being a pack-rat would impact her future path in life. All that she had been moving toward as an artist started coming together. She allowed herself to listen to her inner voice that was urging her to just be herself and follow her heart.
She now spends her time repurposing and designing new creations from what most would call junk.  She is one of the top producers in the Antique Company Mall located in the historic downtown of McKinney, Texas. 
Nancy lives in Frisco, Texas with her dear hubby, John. Almost thirty years ago on their honeymoon, John, had to be persuaded to get out of the car to go in the antique stores. Now in his spare time he is willing to join Nancy in her quest for hidden treasures. He is a skilled carpenter and is a great helper.  They have three grown children, a sweet daughter-n-law and two perfect grandsons.
More information can be found on her blog:

Her mantra in life:
  “Let what you love be what you do.”